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Family History of Newland Charles Roy



    Newland Charles Roy was born on December 4, 1896 in Georgetown, Indiana.  He was the youngest boy  with six older siblings -  Jenny, Carl, Earl  David, Otis,  and Venita  - and one younger Alice. Two more children were born after Alice – Otto and Thelma – but they both died in less than a year.   His father was Charles  A. Roy who was born on June 5, 1857 in Alexander-Redwood, New York.  His father was the son of Frederick Roy and Jane Putnam and Frederick was born in Germany.  Pop – as we called our grandfather  - had four wives and all but Louise Wimp died before he did.   His first wife was Ella C. Tyler, born on November 30, 1858.  She was the mother of Jennie M. Roy and David C . Roy.  David died as an infant and Ella died February 6,1886. At age 26 Pop then married her sister, Jennie May Tyler on July 4, 1886.  They  had 9 children before she died in childbirth on May 10. 1907 when my Dad was 10 years old.  His father was a glassblower and the older boys would go with him when they were at working age to West Virginia to blow glass too, so Dad was left doing most of the labor on the farm. After his wife died Pop  married  Anna  Flannery,  who helped with all the work  on the home front.  Dad said she was good to them and a great cook. I know Neta, Allie and Dad all finished high school, but Dad was the only one in his family to go on to college.  One of the men in Georgetown  told Dad that he would help him pay for some of his college expenses, because he felt he had more to offer than just staying on the farm in Georgetown.  I think the senior year in high school year book  best describes him. A family tree showing genealogy of Newland David Roy beginning with the Roy ancestors can be viewed and another beginning with the Tyler ancestors can be viewed on a different tree.


Newland Charles Roy's mother, Jennie May Tyler Roy



Roy brothers

Newland Charles Roy




Roy family farm in Georgetown, Indiana


Newland's father Charles Roy


At home on the farm, Charles Roy with a wagon and team of horses.

Georgetown, Indiana in the 1990s. Little has changed


Five of the Roy siblings from left: Alice, Newland, David, Earl, and Venita


Newland Roy and his sister Allie were classmates in Georgetown High School, class of 1917. He was 20 years old when he graduated with Allie being his younger sister. These pictures are copies of pages from their yearbook. Seven students were in their graduating class. Their yearbooks were typewritten and consisted of about ten pages that were bound together with string. Newland did not attend high school until he was older because of work responsibilities he had at home on the farm.












Dad enrolled in Transylvania College in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1917   He was captain of the football team, and active in student organizations.   One of his college roommates was Happy Chandler, who later became the Commissioner of Baseball.   I remember Dad saying that when the terrible flu hit the school and they had to close the dining hall, that he and one of his buddies set up a snack shop where they cooked for everyone who wanted  short orders.  I don’t know if that was the beginning of his love of cooking, especially grilling hamburgers  and his own recipe for kabobs out of doors.   Don and I enjoyed visiting the School  several years ago.  We went to the basement of the Library and looked at all the old year books for the four years Dad was in school, and we felt like we were reliving those years with him. 


1921 Transylvania football team with short description on right

What is said of Newland he carried on throughout his life





In the army in 1917 (ROTC)? until war ended

David and Earl Roy with Sheldon (born 1908)

Dad went on from there to Union Seminary in New York City to get a degree in the ministry.  While he was there he was an intern at Christ Church ,who ran a neighborhood house in Hell’s Kitchen.  There he got much experience in running programs for the youth of the area.  He spent lots of time planning camping trips to areas those kids had never dreamed  of going.  After a year or two he met our Mother who was attending Teacher’s College,  also on the Union, New York City campus , and she was also working at Christ Church neighborhood house with other in terns.  I think she fell in love with him soon after they worked together, but it took him another 3-4 years to real how much she meant to him.

From Newland: These pictures were taken one Sunday afternoon. "This is a group of boys of whom I am the leader. We visited the 'Convict Ship'...formerly used as a criminal ship by the English...the 'Floating Jail.' "

On back from Newland to Ruby: My "Buddie, "Irvine Darter, just a few days before we left camp. Not very good but better next time. When are you going to send me yours?

Newland July 3, 1929


The good life

On a fishing trip in the 1920s

Newland with his handy camera


Newland sent and said: "Photo of Newland with the minister he works with, but he is leaving" They are on the steamer "Siris" sailing up the East River on the Masonic picnic.

Newland always dressed in his finest

You give me a caption for this one

This looks like an outing with one of Newland's (lower left with basket) church groups before he was married.


Newland with his nephews and nieces

Roy family with Ruby on far left, second row, Annie just left of the center and a Roy brother of Newland in back right.

Annie and Charles Roy

Newland on farm with ???

Annie and Charles Roy

In times of prosperity

On the farm with modern transportation

Could this be Allie and Ruby?

Charles and Newland Roy with next generation

Newland and Ruby in the vineyard


Who are these Roys?

Ruby with her wedding bouquet

Newland on an outing with group in New York City

Looks like children in previous pictures showing two of them on the farm

Could be Ruby driving in car with rumbleseat

Friend of Newland's with car having rumbleseat


Ruby and Newland

Our mother, Ruby Hankey, left New York after 2 years of study and returned to Minnesota to work at the Missobi  Iron Range for 2 more years and then she went to Athens, Ohio. where she worked with  the Presbyterian Church there on the campus of Ohio University for another two years.  During those 4 years Dad continued in New York City, and in l928 he was called to Utica, New York, to be the Assistant Pastor to Ted Spears.  On a trip to visit relatives in Indiana, he stopped in Athens and he and our mother renewed their friendship. And that summer before Mother sailed for Europe with 3 other women, Dad met her in Niagara Falls and gave her his fraternity pin.  Letters flew across the ocean that summer, many of which we have been privileged to read, and when the ship docked in New York three months later, Dad was there to meet her  and give her an engagement ring.  Mother finished her second year at Athens and went to Langdon, N.D. to prepare for their August 8, 1931 wedding. 

Dad drove from New York to Langdon in a coupe with a rumble seat.  He was so afraid of the wedding ring being stolen that he wrapped it in the center of a small container with oily rags all around it.  That was Mother’s first treasure  hunt !  They were married at 8:00 a.m. and then had a wedding breakfast at the UCT hotel which was then run by her sister and her husband.  Her Dad gave Ruby away, and one of her college roommates and her husband stood up with them –Gene and Dorothy Tennis.  They spent a four week honeymoon driving through the West, and especially stopped at the National Parks  among which were the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.   As I  remember all went well with  the car except that a stone in the road tore the oil pan under the car, and they had to get help to get it fixed.  After the honeymoon they went back to Landon, packed up and headed to Utica.  Dad was in charge of the youth groups, and also the young married group, he preached occasionally, but mostly visited shut-ins, the sick, and families in the church.   Dad loved camping and camp fires, fishing, and golf.   One of the favorite fishing places was on the St. Lawrence River North of Utica.  Dad was such a handsome, dashing young man, and he kept himself in great physical condition.  And as a couple they were greatly admired.  Whe they married , Dad was already 34 and Mother 29, so both  had waited for the mate God had chosen for them.  Utica was pretty much a blue collar city, but it was a great place for Dad to begin his ministry.  Ray Freeman Jenny was very instrumental  in Dad’s life in New York, as he was the pastor of Christ Church when he was there.   Dad’s Aunt Mary and her husband George lived in Redwood, N. Y. so they spent some time with them when they  went to the St. Lawrence.  Ted Spear’s son, Teddy, spent a lot of time with Dad and Mother, and years later when we were in Columbus the call came that he had died fighting for our country in Europe.  They were both devastated!  So I knew how much he had meant to them all those years.


Ruby and Newland on wedding day


Ruby and Newland after wedding with Ruby's father on right end

Ruby's father unlocking garage door after wedding

The wedding party

The "ceremony" of opening the garage door after the wedding

The honeymoon cottage

What Newland did on his honeymoon

What Ruby did when Newland chased butterflies

Newland actually caught Ruby's fish

Probably in Utica

Newland as a young man


Ruby as a young lady

Newland as a young man

Carefree days with friends on a retreat


Elizabeth Ann Roy 1934


Elizabeth Ann Roy 1934


Elizabeth Ann Roy 1935-1936

Elizabeth with daddy


Elizabeth and mother

Elizabeth 6 months old

Elizabeth 6 months old

Elizabeth 6 months old

Utica home



Elizabeth with Coppy and bear

Elizabeth with book


Elizabeth with Wissy


Elizabeth with Wissy

Elizabeth and Nancy

Elizabeth with bear

Elizabeth and Nancy

Elizabeth and mother

Grandpa Hankey and Elizabeth

Elizabeth and Nancy

Roy children

Elizabeth andNancy

Roy children

Dave and John with parents

Roy children

Roy children on Easter

Dave and John

Ruby and children


Beginning Hanover

Dave Roy

Hanover sorority sisters

Graduation from Hanover College


Roy anniversary celebration

Dave graduation from Miami Ohio

Nancy marries Jack McConnell

The McConnell and Roy wedding

Roy anniversary

Dave in Marines with his parents

Elizabeth bridal attendants

John Roy marries Maxine

Newland at retirement with Ruby, Mary Alice and Harold Blake Walker

Elizabeth with Mae Roy

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