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Family History of Agnes Pernilla Jönsson-Strombeck


Agnes Pernilla Jönsson was born August 1, 1903 in Halmstad, Sweden. She lived in a borough of Halmstad called Karleken (means love in Swedish).

Her father was Johan Petter/Peter Jönsson. He is reported to have been born in  1858 in Sperlingsholm, Sweden which is in the övaraby parish in Halland län. His birth records would be in that parish but the current databases do not cover information in either the Ovraby or the Enslöv parish which is also a birth location. The earliest census records begin with information from the 1890 census for Holland län. This census shows a Johan Peter Jönsson born 1958 in Enslöv parish as a husgare (home owner), unmarried, living at Karlslund in Snostorp parish, Halland län. Living in the same household was a Matilda Jönsdotter, born 1861, also in Enslöv parish. She may have been his sister although the relationship was not identified. Johan Peter Jönsson, the same man, appears in the 1900 census but now with his name spelled Johan Petter. The 1900 census lists him as born 1858 in Enslov parish and working as fabrik arbetare (factory worker) at Slottsmollan brickworks. He was married to Karolina (Linnea) Karlsdotter (Karlsson). One of their daughters (Detly) believed they were married in 1896.

Agnes’ mother, Karolina Linnea Karlsdotter, was born May 21, 1874 in Ronneby parish, Blekinge län. Her father was Carl Manson, a farmhand, who was born in 1849 in Ronneby parish. Karolina’s mother, Maria Mathisdotter, a maid, was born in 1846, also in Ronneby parish. Karolina’s parents were married on April 18, 1873 in Ronneby parish. Karolina was the first child born to this couple. Other children born to them were Victor on April 27, 1876; Hilda Maria on July 3, 1878 (died January 29, 1889); Ida Sophia on November 14, 1880; Emil Martin on August 20, 1882; Magnus on September 13, 1883; Amalia Lovisa on August 8, 1884 (died October 23, 1884); Gottfried Julius on October 8, 1885; Ernst Gustaf Gotthard on June 6, 1888; Helfrida Lovisa on February 18, 1890 (died May 19, 1890); Hulda Maria February 18, 1890 (surviving twin); Thekla Nathalia on January 9, 1893.

Agnes’ siblings included Lilly (Lilly Sigrid Leontina) who was born 1895 in Halmstad parish, Halland län. Her father is unknown to the family. He never married Karolina and left to go to America. It is reported that he returned some time later and wished to marry Karolina but she was not interested then. After marrying Johan Peter, the 1990 census shows the following children were born; Harry Hjalmar Pauline, born December 12, 1897 in Snöstorp parish (next to Halmstad); Karin Maria born 1900 in Halmstad parish. As of this census this family was living in Slottsmöllan in the Halmstad parish.

Agnes was born August 1, 1903 at the Jönsson home at Skansgatan 6, Kärleken, Halmstad. Another daughter Alice was born in 1906 and the last daughter Detly was born in 1909.


The age of this photograph is unknown. Agnes had this picture of her home in Sweden. Notice that someone is at the upstairs window.


The house looks the same with children from left, Mia (Maria), Detly, Alice, and Agnes. Again notice someone at the window of house. This is the earliest photo Agnes had of her family.



In front of same home are from left Detly, Lilly, mother Karolina, father Johan, Alice, Agnes, and Mia (Maria). Agnes had no pictures of Harry as a child.


Photo of mother Karolina, father Peter Johan, Detly and Alice

Agnes Pernilla with two friends in Sweden

Friend with Agnes in Sweden


Agnes and friend in Sweden

Agnes and sister in Sweden

Detly and Mor Mor Karolina

Karolina and her brother


Agnes Pernilla Jonsson in Sweden

Passport photo of Agnes Pernilla Jonsson

Flyttningsbetyg (right)

This is the official exit permit issued by the pastor of the parish in Sweden from
which the immigrant came. It is an important document, since technically Swedes
could not leave their home parish without this permit. It provides a persons
full name, date of birth, place of birth, character reference, and knowledge of
the Catechism and the Bible. It probably also gives the name of the parish to
which an individual moved or, if an emigrant came directly to America, the
destination is given merely as Norra Amerika,since many did not know precisely
where they were going. This type of document is extremely useful in providing
the pertinent information from which to proceed directly to Swedish records.
Unfortunately, many of these documents have been lost through the years,
particularly at times of settling estates, when the documents, written in Swedish,
often were destroyed.






Johan Peter and Karolina


Celebration of Karolina’s birthday with children from left Lilly, Detly, Alice and Harry in Karolina’s apartment. Some of the people in pictures on the wall behind them can be recognized; also in picture below.


A birthday celebration for Karolina


A birthday celebration for Karolina . Picture of Dick Strombeck on the wall behind her.




Mia??? or Lilly?? with???

Mia or Lilly's child???

Alice? and Bror?



Another birthday (her 80th) for Mor Mor Karolina with Lilly, Alice, Detly and Harry

It is a common practice for the family to type a birthday greeting—we do this with birthday cards—and this one is for her 80th birthday (1954). In the above picture preceding this greeting picture Lilly is 59, Harry is 57, Alice is 51, and Detly is 45.

Karolina in retirement home

Karoline with her creative work



Agnes Pernilla Jonsson Strombeck in America

Agnes Pernilla Jonsson Strombeck in America


 The following pictures were taken by Don in 1955 when he was stationed in Wurzberg, Germany

Family home in Karleken, Sweden


Family home in Karleken, Sweden 

Ship in Halmstad Harbor


Castle in Halmstad Harbor


 Halmstad town square at open-air market time

 Mor Mor Karolina at Halmstad town square



Mor Mor Karolina at Tylosand

Tylosand beach near Halmstad


 Stig and Ewy Hulander with son and daughter Christine

Don with Stig and Ewy Hulander and children

Alice's daughter

Alice's daughter in 1955 at Karleken family home


Hulanders, ??? and Lilly, Mor Mor Karolina, Alice and Ingmar

Tylosand beach


Five generations showing Mor Mor Carolina with Lilly, Ingrid, Margaretta, and Annette

Agnes Strombeck


The following pictures were taken in 1979 when Dick and Janet visited Sweden with Don and Elizabeth


Dick, Janet, Alice (where we stayed), Elizabeth and Don in Halmstad

Alice, ????, Kjell and Ingmar

Dick, Harry (at his retirement home) and Ingmar

Elizabeth, Stig, Margot, Ewy, and Janet

Elizabeth in front of family home in Karleken

Gosta, Margot, and Stig Hulanders

Jonsson family grave

Halmstad town square in 1979




Mother Agnes in her last years of life in Davis, California



 Mother Agnes became a United States citizen in 1959

Mother in her retirement home in Davis, California


Detly: the last survivor of the Jonsson family


Stig Hulander with Kjell and Ingmar


It all started here


In Karleken



Some things change only slowly